The site is designed to facilitate professional learning communities (PLCs) around curriculum, assessment, and student work. The site is based on the philosophy that standards truly become accessible and “real” to educators and students not merely by reading the text, but rather by seeing and hearing student work that illustrates what it looks like when students achieve those standards.

Powerful Features for Registered Users

Among the powerful features available to registered users are the following:

• Create standards-based units with embedded assessment tasks
• Upload and insert links to files in various formats, including video clips up to 100 MB in size
• Make units public, private, or accessible only to users designated to have access
• Provide other users with varied levels of permission (access) that allows them to provide threaded feedback and suggestions for improvement; participate in editing; and upload student work to the task and enter their scores.
• Select benchmark (anchor) student work to illustrate levels of achievement on those tasks
• Assign work – specifically or randomly – to users for blind rescoring, a crucial step in benchmarking and calibration processes
• Manage groups of scorers, monitoring which have completed their assigned task and communicating with those who have not
• Perform basic statistical analyses on scores and scorers, to identify outliers and determine inter-rater reliability
• Clone existing units/tasks and scoring scales for future use or editing.

Examples of Applications

  • Professional Learning Communities and Unit/Performance Assessment Development: use platform to post, share, and edit units/performance assessments, then upload student work for blind peer rescoring and benchmarking
  • Competency/Mastery-Based Education
  • Alignment: align district curriculum units and assessments to standards
  • Calibration: independently score student work, analyze teachers’ scores of same work, and use differences as the basis for professional development toward uniform standards in instruction, assessment and/or grading
  • Dissemination for Adaptation: Energize existing, static units and assessments by posting so educators can upload scored student work and clone tasks/scales for future editing and use

Which Standards?

The site enables users to base their units/tasks on one or more sets of standards that are provided within the site. Currently the sets of standards available include those currently in use in the State of Connecticut, the Common Core State Standards in English/Language Arts and Mathematics, Next Generation Science Standards, and the National Core Arts Standards.

Additional sets of standards are currently being added to the site. Organizations that wish to add their own standards sets to the site should contact us for information about cost and scheduling.

Who can use the site?

Access to content on this site is currently available to districts and organizations for a nominal fee. Contact us for information about pricing.

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