If you're currently using a paper application for your program or project, it can be a demanding task for someone to physically copy, collate, organize, and mail out those applications to reviewers. 

If you're currently using another type of eForm or Survey service for your application, it's time to think outside the lines. 

By using Manage My Applicants, there is no need for anyone other than one administrator to oversee the program. The applications are submitted online, organized online, and EASTCONN takes care of the IT side of it. What are you waiting for?

The Savings is in the numbers

Reduce Paper waste


Think about this: A recent Connecticut State Teacher of the Year competition attracted 100 applicants. Each application averaged 17 pages and needed to be copied 9 times or more for reviewers. The amount of paper used totaled 15,300 sheets. Eliminate wasted paper, toner and ink with Manage My Applicants.


reduce the need for clerical assistance


Manage My Applicants eliminates the need for copying, collating and mailing applications to reviewers. Applicants can log into their own accounts for all up-to-date information, schedules and directions for interviews. For the typical contest or grant application, we estimate that Manage My Applicants can save you up to $12,000 in clerical costs.