Manage My Applicants is an easy-to-use online software that simplifies, organizes and manages applications for professional contests and competitive grants. Manage My Applicants is an advanced online application for handling multi-level, multi-perspective data and requisite processes.

Manage My Applicants was built in lieu of a paper application by re-engineering a process, not replacing one. Fine-tuned over the course of its use, this cloud-based system streamlined the process of applying for the Connecticut Teacher of the Year Award. Manage My Applicants eliminated the paper process entirely including copying, postage, and collating, as well as email inboxes and attachments, administrative time, file tracking and storage. It has fully reorganized the application submission and review process, keeping deadlines on track. Administrators can run real-time reports on applicants, submitted answers, reviewer comments, and more.

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Manage My Applicants works for you. We understand programs or processes evolve over time. Year after year, we will work with you to keep your program up to date on our system.

CUSTOMIZE: Customize your application requirements, reporting and organizational branding. Limit access to information by differentiating account types.

APPLY: Applicants create accounts on the web, complete contest or grant questions, and upload required documents, then submit their application through their portal.

REVIEW: Using a unique scoring methodology, reviewers input scores and notes though their portal.

SELECT: After scoring is complete, select the winner(s) with one click.

After the selection of your winner(s), you may have changes, tweaks, or updates that Manage My Applicants needs to address and account for the next year. We have an ongoing support system to meet your requirements.


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