Technology Solutions is a division of EASTCONN, a public, non-profit Regional Educational Service Center (RESC) located in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut. Established by the Connecticut legislature in 1980 to support the education needs of schools and communities in northeastern Connecticut, EASTCONN is dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-effective education and technology solutions that promote learning and support education, both in northeastern Connecticut and beyond. EASTCONN’s Technology Solutions staff have demonstrated expertise in the fields of education, programming, customer service, and business.


When the vision of EASTCONN is realized, schools and communities will collaborate effectively to provide opportunities for learners of all ages. All community members will have expanded life choices as a result of higher levels of learning and training. 

EASTCONN employees will consistently anticipate and meet the changing needs of schools and communities. As lifelong learners ourselves, we will continually increase our skills, particularly those that contribute to greater teamwork and problem solving.

 Open communication and the inclusion of diverse perspectives will drive decision-making, which will be based on the broadest available data. We will be valued for the originality of our leadership and the quality of our service.